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What I’m about

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Ok so basically I’ve finally decided to get off my arse and finally start the food blog that I’ve been meaning to start for pretty much the whole year.

Having finally gone more than just a few steps into the big bad world. That is to say I’ve moved into a flat so I’m no longer getting my three squares a day handed to me by my loving mother, or disinterested serving staff at the res dining hall, I’m also doing a lot of mundane things like cleaning floors and clothes and what not. This is all worth it, however, as I now have my very own amazing kitchen (by student standards) and have an even better one on the way on my new place that i’ll be moving into in a few months (read gas stove). This has granted me the freedom to experiment to my hearts content in terms of food with some interesting and amazing (Moules mariniere) and shocking (1 pot peasant stew, that I burned horribly) results.

However, I’m of the firm belief that food needs to be shared and as a result I am in the process of starting a group of fellow students who enjoy food and/or enjoy making food and creating a supper club that I’ve tentatively called the epicurean collective. This club basically involves meeting up once a week and hosting a simple dinner for our friends. This is a great way to get to experience new tastes and share good meals with good friends and generally have an amazing while doing it all.

This blog will document these events and share the good vibes and recipes with the world. Until the epicurean collective gets going however, I’ll be having a different friend over for supper every weekend where they’ll be my guinea pig for my latest foodie experiment and those will be going up here as well.

As will any recipes I consider to be a major success that I’ve made during the week as well as restaurant reviews and general awesome foodie stuff that I happen to encounter.

That’s it for now I guess

look forward to my butternut soup and maybe some pics of food that I’ve made previously coming soon